My passion and joy is to help you define DreamHome and then

Take Your DreamHome From Fantasy to Reality

It’s what I do.  It’s what I teach.

My first three loves (besides my kids and grandkids) are Sports, Learning, and Teaching.

Playing sports taught me to appreciate a well-assembled team.  I learned that each member of the team has a critical role to play and must cooperate seamlessly in order to come out on top.

… And, like a successful sports team, your dream team must be composed of professionals and vendors with diverse expertise who work well together toward your common goals of planning, designing, and then building your DreamHome.

As your coach, I’ll help you formulate a practical step-by-step plan from start to finish that puts you at the top of your game.

By listening deeply, and then asking you the right questions, we’ll create a winning game plan that captures the essence of what DreamHome means to you. Clarifying your goals makes it easy to confidently choose your team members.

Being in the home construction industry for over thirty years has taught me the skills I need to be able to communicate between you and the professionals, bridging the technical language gap when needed.

Teaching you the language for each phase of designing and building your DreamHome and helping you ask the right questions when creating your dream team not only gets you the best team that fits your needs, but it enables you to confidently engage with your dream team every step of the way.

By regularly updating my knowledge base of the latest home products, construction methods, and building codes, you can rest assured of being able to confidently make informed decisions throughout your entire process.

Another way I improve my own knowledge and skills is by giving back to the community doing construction for various Hurricane Relief efforts up and down the East Coast. I also work with a local non-profit, Open Hands Ministry, where we help restore homes for first time home buyers. This type of work brings the concept of teamwork to a greater level of awareness. Because of this work, I am a more compassionate person, a better listener, and I am more determined than ever to help design stronger and safer homes.

Allow Me to Join Your Dream Team

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You, The Home Dreamer

Are you dreaming of renovating or adding onto your existing home? Or are you dreaming of a new home?

Square footage matters.

BUT… does that really define your DreamHome?

Ask yourself the deeper questions.

How do the spaces work together with your lifestyle? How will your lifestyle change in a year? Five years?

No Kids? More kids? Fewer kids? (They do unfortunately grow up and leave.) What about caring for your elderly parents?

How do you want your home to reflect your taste and personality?

You get the idea.

architectural plans with palette of colors, money, calculator, notepad

Maybe you’ve already done your preliminary research.

You’ve gone to home shows, visited Parade of Homes or model homes, and checked out at least half a dozen of your friends’ houses for ideas.

BUT… Nothing seems to resonate exactly with you.

You like many of the features you’ve seen, but you can’t seem to put it all into one cohesive plan you can call your own.

The more you research ideas, the more you realize just how many options are available.

It seems like for every question you answer, ten more pop up.

It can be overwhelming.

How can you organize your collection of ideas and dreams and make them a reality?

Your Next Two Steps:


Download the free Practical Quiz. Included in the Quiz is an explanation of the significance of each question. This helps you understand what your answers may mean and determine what your next steps should be.


After you take the Practical Quiz, schedule Your Free 30-minute DreamHome Coaching Session to help you go deeper into the process of taking your DreamHome from Fantasy to Reality.

Gain clarity about what steps to take next and start

Taking Your DreamHome from Fantasy to Reality!